Pre-consultation, Photographer and talent time
1 hour maternity photo session
 or 3 hours for newborn
35+ images on your Online Gallery- password protected


2 hours photo session
- up to two  locations and outfits
15 high res edited images on DVD
Online Gallery- password protected


up to 3 hours*
 photo session
15 high resolution edited Jpegs on DVD

25 Birth Announcement Cards
Online Gallery - password Protected

$80 fee for last minute booking- two weeks before a photo session date.


Deposit requires to book your photo session. Travel fee may apply  for more than 90 miles round trip from the San Francisco East Bay Area ( zip code 94521)



Where will the sessions take place?

Location: Newborn photo sessions take place in your house for your convenience. I use natural light not only for its beauty but also for more natural and relaxed atmosphere that it can provide. If it's necessary I mixed it with professional studio lighting. The home usually creates a lot of intimacy. However, expecting birth and giving birth is a natural process and the natural environment creates the most beautiful organic and authentic images.  At the end, the goal is to make the session memorable to You! 


When is the best time to book my maternity session?
Right now! Once you know you are pregnant and want a maternity and newborn photo session, you should book your sessions as soon as you can.  I have busy schedule, but I do work weekly days and weekends. While, I do make every attempt to fit in last minute requests, it can be sometimes difficult to make room to accommodate. That's why there is a $50 extra charge fee for last minute booking, which is two weeks before the scheduled date.

When is the best time to do my maternity portraits?
Best maternity images should be made around the 7th month of the pregnancy when the belly is just the right size. It's not too big, but it's big nough to have a  beautiful rounded shape. However, that is also all up to you.

What should I wear for my maternity portraits?
Whatever you feel comfortable with. Still,  I advice to bring pretty shirts, tanks, lingerie, sweaters, beautiful scarves and wraps, long skirts that will fit below the belly. Colors are always welcome as any color has its symbolical meaning. 


When is the best time to book my newborn session?
Right Now! Once you know that you are expecting and the due date, you can book your newborn session. By providing me with the date I can reserve a spot in my schedule. After, the baby is born I will confirm the photo session with you. However, 
there is a $50 extra charge fee for last minute booking, which is two weeks before the baby is born or right after the baby is born the fee is $100.  And this  is only if I have available time.  Mom and dads should also understand that booking a newborn photo session in the last minute especially if the baby is born already it doesn't guarantee them that they will get all the tiny, sleepy,curly poses, which are done between the 5-14 day from the baby birth. 

When is the best time for the newborn photo session to be done?
In the period between the 5th and the 12th day after the baby was born. This is a life time opportunity where the moment shouldn't be missed. Also, this is the moment when we can capture those peaceful sleepy times and all the small curly poses. Babies double in size from birth to four months and after the 14th day they get easily disturbed. You can never get that stage back. 

Why does the session take up to 3 hours?
The newborn is sleeping a lot and we don’t know when is going to decide to stay awake and what his/her mood will be. This allows you plenty of time for feeding and to get comfy.  That’s why I dedicate and try to spend more hours with you and your newborn and be able to get all the necessary shoots of this such an exciting moment for your family. 

How should I dress my newborn?
The photo session could be in both - with and without clothes. The idea is to capture the newborn in his/her organic form and shape. Bring some cute hats, socks, props and anything that you think is sweet, adorable and elegant for your child. It is all up to you what you want your cutie little one to be dressed with for the photo session. I can always help you with the selection of clothes and I can also bring some additional props and outfits.

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