Photography Lessons 





Monday - Wednesday
3pm - 8pm

Sat and Sun
9am-12pm and 4p-8pm 

*The fallowing schedule is open for individual or group classes by appointment only.
Classes are available as long as we don't have a photo shoot on schedule. Please, always check for available classes with Stani. 

Individual Class- 1:1

1 hour - $40
2 hours- $70

3 hours - $90


Group Classes - 2 to 4 students

1 hour - $30
2 hours - $50
3 hours - $65

All first classes are taught at Stani's studio in Concord. 

The classes are designed for enthusiast photographers who love photography, bought a new DSLR camera and want to learn how to use it and create great images and of course learning how to become a professional. Photography is a process! 

You will be learning everything about analog and digital cameras and how to use them. We will critique work you made. We'll talk about different genres in photography and the business of photography. I will teach you from making the photo to all the different ways of presenting a photograph. We will cover the technical, the visual and the theoretical parts of the meadia of photography.

Every individual class is designed based on the student interests in photography 

Tell me what you want to learn and we will go from there...!