I know as a new parent you have thousand of questions in your head. From is it OK to have my newborn baby exposed to photography since day 1 to how much it will cost me and which images should I have printed on wall art or a book? I have prepared answers to most of the questions asked by my clients and any new parent who would love to have a photo of their newborn baby, but still concerned about many things. If I have missed something I am always happy to answer it to you. Just shoot me an email. 

walnut creek newborn photographerwalnut creek newborn photographer

When should I book you for our newborn portrait session?

As early as better. Anytime after the 20th weeks of pregnancy is great, but not later than two weeks before your due date as you may have to pay $80 late booking fee and I may not be able to accommodate you for a newborn session. You may think that there is plenty of time, but the baby might come even earlier as it happened to me with my second son. Once, you have booked the session, as soon as the baby arrives call me to schedule the exact time for the shooting. Remember, giving birth ‘when and how’ are very unpredictable situations and I am doing my best to accommodate you no matter when you have delivered the baby earlier than your due date or later. Once you enter  the 9th month I keep following up with you.  

concord newborn photographerconcord newborn photographer

When to schedule the newborn photo session?

Once the baby is born or you are on your way to the hospital - text me, email me, call me at your earliest convenience so I can tell you which days are available in my calendar for you in the first 10 days of the baby’s birth. Plus, when  I know your due date I stay in touch with you and you are marked in my calendar.  I try to schedule the photo session before the baby turns fourteen days old, so between 5 and 10 days old. At that time the baby is more likely to be in the ‘womb-like’ poses and sleep a lot. Scheduling babies before their 5th day it’s not a good idea. The mother needs to rest after she gave natural or c-section birth. Her milk supply may have not increased enough in order for the baby to create  a feeding schedule in around every 2 hours. But if the session needs to be scheduled after the 14th day of the baby’s birth due to mine or yours schedule don’t worry, you will still get beautiful pictures of your child as being a baby. I am just going to tell you that you most likely will not get the sleepy curly poses, but you will get more photos of the baby being aware (which are some of the parents’ favorites actually). When the baby is older than 14 days I will focus more on the baby being awake and the interaction with his parents and siblings.

What’s the best time of the day or scheduling newborn photos?

At your home I usually schedule it for 10am, so we can finish by lunch time, especially if you have older children who needs to nap in the afternoon. In my home studio I schedule it around 10-12pm depends on the season since it’s a natural light studio and your commute distance to me. I do my best to be accommodating. Of course , I can schedule it at any time convenient for you, but those are the time based on my client's’ requests and my experience with photographing newborns.

What kind of photos do you take in my home and at your studio?  In your home I am focusing mostly on your family interacting with one another and the new baby. We the photographers call it ‘Lifestyle Photography’ aka documentary or photojournalistic photography. I will take environmental photos of the baby and capturing candid moments between mother-child, father-child, siblings and baby small body details with my macro lens.  I may not be able to bring my beanbag to your house and all the props. Images of the baby on a beanbag in the curly poses I take in my home studio with natural daylight.

What should I wear at the photo session?

Neutral colors, comfortable clothes and anything to represent you. Avoid signs on clothes that don’t mean anything to you and misrepresent your personality, avoid same matchy matchy clothes. You can have same style clothes , but please don’t wear all white T-shirts unless this is how you want to see yourself in 10 years. Try to be simple and natural. Pastel and earthy  colors always look good on anyone. Less is always better than more.

How much a newborn photo session costs?

I am aware that every family has a budget and I understand why you want to find out the pricing info first. My newborn collections start from $399. For different  reasons I can’t list my exact prices on my website.  First, prices and collections vary by location,  in home or studio photography, albums and prints. No newborn baby and her family are the same as the other that’s why I can customize you a package based on your needs and budget. Please, contact me for a standard price list and a quote.