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Mr. + Mrs. Bencea

June 3rd, 2018

Jenna and I both knew each other from our photography classes at the School for Visual  Arts in NYC . We both went to pursue the beginning of our photography careers there. I remember Jenna as one of the happiest girls in school, always smiling and always very generous. Years after graduating we reconnected on instagram following each other’s art work. One day, I got an email from her telling me she got engaged and  loves my wedding photography as she has always loved it. She asked me if I can photograph her wedding day next year in CT. Honestly, I was very surprised and more than honored at the same time. I knew this will be a very special love to capture as I have been following Jenna’s romantic relationship with Dani through the years. For sure it was very different wedding than any other one I have worked on before. Photographing the wedding of the Senior Photo Editor  for Hearst Magazines: Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Women's Health and Good Housekeeping was more than an honor for me, but I can’t hide that it was intimidating as well.  However, I knew Jenna trusted me entirely and I am very thankful to her for that. She knew my personality and my work ethic enough to decide to work with me.

Jenna and Dani found love in the middle of New York City during their college years. They had part time jobs at the 5th Avenue Flagship Abercrombie & Fitch as store models in the winter. Both were working on the first floor near the door. Jenna was always freezing in the skimpy outfits they dressed her. Handsome Dani, always being such gentleman gave his scarf for the whole week without saying a word. And on a snowy Sunday of December 4th, 2009 he asked Jenna on their first date. The same evening they went to Russian Tea Room, took a romantic stroll in Central Park and it couldn't be more perfect than that for their first date.

In 2017, eight years after they first met, Jenna and Dani went to Mexico on vacation. Sailing from Puerto Morelos around the Riviera Maya he got on one knee and asked her  to marry him. They went snorkeling and had a romantic 5 course dinner on the open seas. He didn't stop the surprises on the open waters. He had their room decorated in rose petals with champagne and chocolates waiting!

And talking about romance and ocean , one of the most favorite things for Jenna and Dani to do is walking on the beach and enjoying the sunset with its vibrant colors. No wonder their wedding day was set on the beach at the beautiful Anthony’s Ocean View  wedding venue in New Haven, CT. If you can’t travel to the Carribean beaches or to the Mexican resorts and you live near New York this is your venue. The pictures doesn’t do the justice here. Their wedding theme was entirely about anything ocean, beach, navy blue, gold and white. Every little detail of the wedding decoration mattered and it was very carefully chosen by Jenna. The wedding day was more than perfect love fairytale!


It was all about the sea that day even Jenna's bracelet. 

20180602_JA_000720180602_JA_0007 20180602_JA_002420180602_JA_0024



20180602_JA_001620180602_JA_0016 20180602_JA_001420180602_JA_0014 I was also honored to be invited to the rehearsal dinner and I knew Jenna has been talking a lot about how much she wanted a photo with the Lighthouse in New Haven with Dani. We knew we wouldn't have time the next day to drive to that beautiful and romantic place and decided to go and do a mini session before the dinner. It was amazing. After that I met both families and it was wonderful to get to know them before the wedding day. It helped a lot the next day to allow me to capture some very intimate and emotional moments.

20180602_JA_001720180602_JA_0017 20180602_JA_001820180602_JA_0018
20180602_JA_001920180602_JA_0019 20180602_JA_002820180602_JA_0028
20180602_JA_003320180602_JA_0033 20180602_JA_003220180602_JA_0032

Those very special family moments of the night before your wedding day worth every capture. 


20180602_JA_002220180602_JA_0022 20180602_JA_002020180602_JA_0020


The Airbnb  Beach House. It was the perfect place for J+D to get ready. Right next to the venue and all decorated in the ocean style with seashell driveway.

20180603_JA_000420180603_JA_0004 20180603_JA_000320180603_JA_0003


 Groom and groomsmen socks were all monogrammed by Sock Prints 20180603_JA_000620180603_JA_0006

Custom Mrs. Bencea hanger by Whiskey and Wedding Bells on Eatsy

20180603_JA_001020180603_JA_0010 20180603_JA_000920180603_JA_0009

Bridal shoes by Betsy Johnson        Wedding Rings: bride by Jewelry Design groom by AnL Jewelry 

20180603_JA_000820180603_JA_0008 Monogrammed wedding band for Dani just because he loves wolfs and moons and Jenna loves him to the moon and back.  Isn't that very original and practical. Working as a NYC cop Dani chose the titanium as metal for his ring by AnL Jewelry



Jenna's gifts to her besties: robes by Marley Lilly and custom jewelry by her mother's Etsy shop Charms of Faith 20180603_JA_002420180603_JA_0024

20180603_JA_001920180603_JA_0019 20180603_JA_001820180603_JA_0018

Cheers with monogrammed champagne flutes by Cambridge Avenue on Etsy

20180603_JA_002020180603_JA_0020 20180603_JA_002220180603_JA_0022


The moment when Dani's mom Valentina sees him  getting ready and his father fixing his bowtie. It was very emotional for both of them. 20180603_JA_003020180603_JA_0030

20180603_JA_003120180603_JA_0031 20180603_JA_003220180603_JA_0032


20180603_JA_003820180603_JA_0038 Dani's groom suit by Joseph Abboud  20180603_JA_004520180603_JA_0045

The breathtaking view of the ceremony side at Anthony's Ocean View. So romantic, so peaceful and sunny. 

20180603_JA_004020180603_JA_0040 20180603_JA_003920180603_JA_0039
20180603_JA_004220180603_JA_0042 20180603_JA_004420180603_JA_0044

Flowers by Danielle 

Caroibbean Vibe Steel Drum Band

20180603_JA_005320180603_JA_0053 Sand Dollars for guests' favorites and name tags.

20180603_JA_005020180603_JA_0050 20180603_JA_006420180603_JA_0064

Cake by Petonitos Bakery and heart cookie decorated with the bride and groom initials with the colors of sand and ocean by Jenna's mom Jackie.


All the candy bar was designed by the bride's mom and her aunt Stacy. The M&M candies had the bride and groom initials and their wedding date. 

20180603_JA_006320180603_JA_0063 20180603_JA_005120180603_JA_0051

The centerpiece had a white knot symbolizing Jenna and Dani's marriage. 

20180603_JA_006520180603_JA_0065 20180603_JA_006720180603_JA_0067

20180603_JA_005820180603_JA_0058 20180603_JA_006920180603_JA_0069

All signs designed by Jenna's best friend and maid of honor Sasha Preziosa, another friend and very talanted photographer I know from SVA . It was awesome reconnecting with both of them after all those years. 

She used printing and paper from White Fox Paper Co on Eatsy

20180603_JA_005520180603_JA_0055 20180603_JA_005920180603_JA_0059 20180603_JA_006020180603_JA_0060 20180603_JA_017720180603_JA_0177


20180603_JA_007120180603_JA_0071 20180603_JA_007220180603_JA_0072

20180603_JA_007920180603_JA_0079 20180603_JA_007320180603_JA_0073 20180603_JA_007520180603_JA_0075 one of the cutest moments at the wedding , the flower girl playing with the sand during the ceremony

20180603_JA_008020180603_JA_0080 20180603_JA_008120180603_JA_0081
20180603_JA_008420180603_JA_0084 20180603_JA_008520180603_JA_0085

Parents really got emotional during the vow exchanges . Valentina's only son and Eric and Jakie's only daughter  20180603_JA_008720180603_JA_0087 You can't call it beach wedding without the sand ceremony and here it is the white and navy blue sands mixing with one another. 

20180603_JA_008920180603_JA_0089 20180603_JA_008820180603_JA_0088

20180603_JA_009020180603_JA_0090 20180603_JA_007720180603_JA_0077 20180603_JA_009120180603_JA_0091

20180603_JA_009420180603_JA_0094 20180603_JA_009620180603_JA_0096 Who said the flower girl should throw flowers instead of sand ?  20180603_JA_009720180603_JA_0097 20180603_JA_009820180603_JA_0098 The bridal party   all dressed in navy blue 20180603_JA_010120180603_JA_0101   20180603_JA_010420180603_JA_0104

20180603_JA_010320180603_JA_0103 20180603_JA_001720180603_JA_0017


20180603_JA_011320180603_JA_0113 20180603_JA_015720180603_JA_0157
20180603_JA_011720180603_JA_0117 20180603_JA_010920180603_JA_0109

20180603_JA_011520180603_JA_0115 Jenna's bridal dress by  Keinfields She couldn't look more perfect and stunning than with that dress.  20180603_JA_012020180603_JA_0120 20180603_JA_012220180603_JA_0122 20180603_JA_012420180603_JA_0124 20180603_JA_012720180603_JA_0127 20180603_JA_012820180603_JA_0128 20180603_JA_013120180603_JA_0131 20180603_JA_013920180603_JA_0139 20180603_JA_014320180603_JA_0143

20180604_JA_014520180604_JA_0145 20180603_JA_015220180603_JA_0152

20180604_JA_014820180604_JA_0148 20180603_JA_015320180603_JA_0153 20180603_JA_015420180603_JA_0154 20180603_JA_015620180603_JA_0156 20180603_JA_015820180603_JA_0158 20180603_JA_015920180603_JA_0159 20180603_JA_016120180603_JA_0161

20180603_JA_016020180603_JA_0160 20180603_JA_016220180603_JA_0162

20180603_JA_016420180603_JA_0164 Instead of DJ there was a life band at the wedding. Timmy Maia was entertaining the guests all night with variety of music.  20180603_JA_016520180603_JA_0165 20180603_JA_016620180603_JA_0166 20180603_JA_016820180603_JA_0168 20180603_JA_017220180603_JA_0172 20180603_JA_017020180603_JA_0170 20180603_JA_017920180603_JA_0179 20180603_JA_018120180603_JA_0181

Honestly, I never shot sparkles at the end of the wedding . There is always a first time and I think it turned out amazing. Real people, real moments! What's a better way to call it off the wedding night than having sparkles!  20180603_JA_018220180603_JA_0182



I like the idea of having a destination wedding. Being able to go somewhere special for your wedding day is something that everyone should experience. I also think that it is important for the bride and groom to have a say in where they get married and how they want their big day to be. I love seeing couples choosing places that are meaningful to them, whether it's where they met or even where they live.
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