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Where do I begin? I know Vladi since I know my husband. He is  my sister in law’s brother, but I have heard about his charm and adventurous spirit  long before I met him in person. Both Bulgarians living in the States, Diana and Vladi are very free spirted souls. In the late spring of 2014, Vladi decides to quit his job and follow his dreams. He buys a ticket to Bogota, Colombia and begins year long exploration through  South America one country at a time, all the way to Antarctica. During that time one of Vladi’s friends who lives in Chicago introduces him to Diana and in February 2015, she joins him in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is how it all began.  When he first saw her she captured him with her mysterious beauty of a wild child. Then they visited Uruguay and Brazil. It was just meant to happen. After  coming back to USA Diana moves from Chicago to Orange County where Vladi lives.

In the Christmas night of 2016 Vladi hides a ring in Diana’s Christmas gift box and proposes.

Knowing both of them as happy campers and travelers I can’t imagine having their wedding somewhere else, but in a forest.  They planned their wedding not just in any forest, but at the Giant Sequoias at Kings Canyon National Park. All the guests stayed at Azalea campground, which was absolutely beautiful and bonding experience. The ceremony took place at the magical Sunset Campground Amphitheater and the reception at the picnic area near the Azalea Campground under the grant sequoia trees. It was just the perfect setting for their forest wedding.

To be honest I was quite surprised when they asked me to be their main photographer at the wedding. I really didn’t expect it, as my family was one of the guests too and Nikola was invited to be the ring bearer. And to say it was an honor for me to be their wedding photographer is not enough. When someone I know invites me to photograph their wedding, it means a lot to me. It means trust and appreciation to my art. But that also means that I need to work extra hard  not to disappoint them and to separate work and personal emotions. Plus it was Nikola’s 4th Birthday at that day. So many emotional events in one day.


Diana and Vladi’s wedding was all DIY. You can see from the images how much they put from their heart in it. There were so many personal elements to it. Diana created all the centerpieces and the decorations. Well, when you have a wedding in the middle of the forest it’s also hard to have a wedding planner or a caterer either.  I think that was one of the most creative and beautiful weddings I have photographed. Sometimes, you don’t need a lot to keep it simple and elegant. Boho Chic kind of style, with Bulgarian Live Folk Music and dancing horo , all was merging so well in the enchanted environment of the big trees around.

Not very popular these days , D+V decided to have a touch of authentic Bulgarian traditions in their wedding, like the groom with his entourage  picking up the maid of honor and the best man. Then they dance horo in front of their housing , which in this case was John Muir Lodge where they stayed for the weekend . That is followed by picking up the bride from her lodging, which in this case was one of the cabins near. There the groom’s family and friends are trying to “buy’ the bride - giving money to her parents and guardians in order to let the grom  enter inside and see his bride. Of course this was done all for the entertainment purposes and it was awesome.  Once, Vladi was let inside “the bride’s  house” he had to find one of her shoe and put money in it so it fits the bride’s foot. From there they both exited ‘the house’  and the bride led the horo dance . The guests were having traditional pita bread with honey as symbol for the newlyweds sweet life together.

The wedding ceremony was another elaborate scene from Diana and Vladi’s wedding. It was  full with humor, love and beautiful mixture between western wedding traditions with Bulgarian ones, and some that I have never seen before (such as telling something on each other’s ear  while putting the rings on).

Diana and Vladi’s outfits were custom designed and sewed by their maid of honor Ivanka Georgieva.  Her wedding dress was inspired by the legends about Samodiva . And everything else looked just like a magical fairytale in the forest.  


beautiful white lace was spread in the middle of each table 

20170916_SG_046720170916_SG_0467 20170916_SG_046820170916_SG_0468

Diana made these two wooden tiles by herself. One was for the best man and the maid of honor and the other one for her and Vladi. 


The only heavy weight wooden table in the picnic area served as the newlyweds table. It was just perfect . It was decorated with pine cones and wild dry flowers.

20170916_SG_049720170916_SG_0497 20170916_SG_048720170916_SG_0487


20170916_SG_049620170916_SG_0496 20170916_SG_049420170916_SG_0494


20170916_SG_000220170916_SG_0002 20170916_SG_001020170916_SG_0010 20170916_SG_004920170916_SG_0049

Guests dancing horo in front of John Muir Lodge when picking up the best man and the maid of honor. 

20170916_SG_007120170916_SG_0071 20170916_SG_007220170916_SG_0072 20170916_SG_010920170916_SG_0109

20170916_SG_011020170916_SG_0110 20170916_SG_012120170916_SG_0121

20170916_SG_011820170916_SG_0118 20170916_SG_012820170916_SG_0128 20170916_SG_013420170916_SG_0134

Milen Varimezov plays gaida (bagpipe) when the bride exists 'her house' . 

20170916_SG_013620170916_SG_0136 20170916_SG_013820170916_SG_0138 20170916_SG_014020170916_SG_0140 20170916_SG_014220170916_SG_0142 20170916_SG_014520170916_SG_0145 20170916_SG_015120170916_SG_0151 20170916_SG_016020170916_SG_0160 20170916_SG_016120170916_SG_0161

After Vladi found the right shoe he is trying to put it on Diana's foot and inserts money on the back so the shoe can fit. 

20170916_SG_016620170916_SG_0166 20170916_SG_016820170916_SG_0168 20170916_SG_018120170916_SG_0181

The bride leads the horo dance in front of 'her house' .



And someone broke one of the champagne glasses. But as we it ' The broken brings happiness'.  



The guests are trying the pita with honey for bride and groom's sweet life together.

20170916_SG_021820170916_SG_0218 20170916_SG_022120170916_SG_0221

20170916_SG_022420170916_SG_0224 20170916_SG_024120170916_SG_0241

20170916_SG_024220170916_SG_0242 20170916_SG_024420170916_SG_0244 20170916_SG_025320170916_SG_0253 20170916_SG_025520170916_SG_0255 20170916_SG_025920170916_SG_0259 20170916_SG_026320170916_SG_0263 20170916_SG_026220170916_SG_0262 20170916_SG_028020170916_SG_0280 20170916_SG_027120170916_SG_0271

Some tourists watching the ceremony from the back.

20170916_SG_027420170916_SG_0274 20170916_SG_031220170916_SG_0312 20170916_SG_029520170916_SG_0295

20170916_SG_032220170916_SG_0322 20170916_SG_032320170916_SG_0323


20170916_SG_033120170916_SG_0331 20170916_SG_031420170916_SG_0314 20170916_SG_035420170916_SG_0354

20170916_SG_036920170916_SG_0369 20170916_SG_038220170916_SG_0382 20170916_SG_037720170916_SG_0377

20170916_SG_038520170916_SG_0385 20170916_SG_048620170916_SG_0486

20170916_SG_038920170916_SG_0389 20170916_SG_041820170916_SG_0418

Bride and Groom Photo session at the Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park. 

20170916_SG_040420170916_SG_0404 20170916_SG_040020170916_SG_0400

20170916_SG_041520170916_SG_0415 20170916_SG_042420170916_SG_0424 20170916_SG_042620170916_SG_0426 20170916_SG_043020170916_SG_0430

20170916_SG_043720170916_SG_0437 20170916_SG_043620170916_SG_0436

The bride in front of the Fallen Monarch

20170916_SG_044320170916_SG_0443 20170916_SG_048520170916_SG_0485 20170916_SG_046920170916_SG_0469


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Diana and Vladimir’s Bulgarian Forest wedding at Grand Grove Village was a celebration of their love for one another and for family and friends, who came from all over the world to join in their special day. The couple wanted their wedding to feel elegant and glamorous, so they chose beautiful white florals with touches of light green and yellow. A lush greenery runner led down the aisle with gold chairs on either side adorned with soft peach flowers.
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