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Leilani and Matt tying the knot in a beautiful fall afternoon

on October 8th, 2016 at the spectacular Rancho Soquel venue in Aptos, CA.


Leilani and Matt’s wedding was really a dream come true. Surrounded by all the close family and friends, love and happiness were all around us. Five years ago L+M met at Palapas Restaurant and Bar on the sea cliff of Aptos, CA. Those five years were filled with adventures and romance in Costa Rica, Kauai, Mendocino, Santa Barbara, Bali and in Santa Cruz where Matt is from. While living in Kauai where Leilani is from, one warm evening at sunset Matt proposed Leilani. Leilani describes it as ‘He made it all so sweet and romantic! I was totally surprised!!’ Knowing both of them for almost a year, I can say that those two lovebirds are just made for each other. The pictures show it all. Leilani - a nature beauty  inside and out and Matt - the man with the gold heart.

Leilani and Ariel who is her maid of honor, best friend and partner in crime since childhood are the owners of Botanic and Lux, a luxurious lifestyle store in the Downtown Santa Cruz . Described by them as ‘a place for dreamers, lovers and seekers of all things beautiful’. So if you are in the area of Santa Cruz or doing a highway 1 trip don't forget to stop by Botanic and Lux. Talking about their live indoor plants business and born and raised in Hawaii,  Leilani has always been surrounded by nature and flowers. No wonder, she choose Rancho Soquel for the place to say ‘I do’ .  A place in first sight that can be a botanical garden or part of an excotic island. For her wedding day they both wanted everything to be as simple as possible, but the same time to be fresh, elegant and authentic.

Leilani's hair and make-up were done by the talanted Briena Gleitsman 
20161008_LK_000320161008_LK_0003 20161008_LK_001220161008_LK_0012 20161008_LK_000420161008_LK_0004 20161008_LK_001320161008_LK_0013
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Debbie, Lei's mother in law giving her a special gift to her - a silver necklace she got it in Macedonia for her. Very original and pretty! 
20161008_LK_002720161008_LK_0027 20161008_LK_002820161008_LK_0028
20161008_LK_001120161008_LK_0011 20161008_LK_003020161008_LK_0030
20161008_LK_003320161008_LK_0033 20161008_LK_003420161008_LK_0034 20161008_LK_003520161008_LK_0035 20161008_LK_003620161008_LK_0036
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20161008_LK_003920161008_LK_0039 20161008_LK_004320161008_LK_0043 20161008_LK_004220161008_LK_0042 20161008_LK_004620161008_LK_0046
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Leilani's hair and make-up were done by the talanted Briena Gleitsman 
lei  lei  6lei lei 6
Wedding dress by Stone Cold Fox , Bridal bouquet by Willi Wildflower 
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After the first look Matt opened a bottle of champagne that he got it at the day of their engagement and kept it to the day of the wedding to open it up. This was a very special moment.
Proteas were chosen for the main accent flower of the wedding day. It is special and exotic flower. In the Hawaii culture is consider as a symbol of hospitality and grace. The beautiful bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids' proteas were done by Willi Wildflower
20161008_LK_006620161008_LK_0066 Leilani is one of those people that makes everything looks so easy and simple around her. Her smile is captivating. People wants to be around her and that explains her big bridal party of all that awesome people I had the honor to meet and photograph that day.  The bridesmaid dresses were one of my favorite accents of the wedding theme. Long dresses with flower prints on them , but all uniquely designed from one another by Show Me Your Mu Mu.
While to complement the lady’s more elaborated fashion style the groomsmen were dressed with dark grey pants and plain white shirt. 20161008_LK_007020161008_LK_0070 20161008_LK_007220161008_LK_0072 20161008_LK_007420161008_LK_0074 lei  lei  7lei lei 7 20161008_LK_008120161008_LK_0081 20161008_LK_008220161008_LK_0082 20161008_LK_008420161008_LK_0084 lei  lei  8lei lei 8 20161008_LK_009020161008_LK_0090 20161008_LK_009120161008_LK_0091 20161008_LK_009220161008_LK_0092 20161008_LK_009420161008_LK_0094 20161008_LK_009520161008_LK_0095 20161008_LK_009720161008_LK_0097 20161008_LK_010320161008_LK_0103 lei  lei  18lei lei 18
The center pieces are by Botanic and Luxe
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The beautiful invitations were printed by Wedding Paper Divas and the Thank you card was designed and printed by me, the photographer. 

lei  lei  21lei lei 21

The guests name tags were handwritten by Matt’s talented step sister Margo. All the little, but important elements were in a botanical theme. Cake by Jennifer Fontes.  20161008_LK_012620161008_LK_0126 lei  lei  10lei lei 10

20161008_LK_011620161008_LK_0116 20161008_LK_012820161008_LK_0128 20161008_LK_012920161008_LK_0129 20161008_LK_013120161008_LK_0131 lei  lei  14lei lei 14
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invitation 2invitation 2



One of the most authentic elements at the wedding were the inherited ring from Leilani’s grandma whose mom gave it to her at the day of the wedding and Matt’s cufflinks from his grandpa given to him by his mom as well.  

20161008_LK_016320161008_LK_0163 20161008_LK_016520161008_LK_0165

20161008_LK_015420161008_LK_0154 lei  lei  20lei lei 20 20161008_LK_0674-Edit20161008_LK_0674-Edit
20161008_LK_022720161008_LK_0227 20161008_LK_016020161008_LK_0160
_MGL2884_MGL2884 20161008_LK_000120161008_LK_0001
invitation 3invitation 3
20161008_LK_018220161008_LK_0182 lei  lei  11lei lei 11 lei  lei  12lei lei 12 20161008_LK_018920161008_LK_0189

One of the best parts of the party night was the father -daughter dance.

invitation 4invitation 4

Leilani’s mom dancing Hula dance, a hawaiian traditional dance. It as an ancient dancing , Aloha in action. Beautiful! 

invitation 5invitation 5 invitation 6invitation 6 invitation 8invitation 8 invitation 7invitation 7 invitation 9invitation 9 20161008_LK_022320161008_LK_0223
Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Zehnder!


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