Hello beautiful people and thanks for visiting my website. I truly appreciate you are reading this page right now.  It means you like my work and want to know more about the person who stays behind the creation of all the photography you encounter in my portfolio. Let me guess: you are looking to hire your personal professional photographer for your special event or personal portrait session or you are just looking for creative inspirations. Am I right? 

And here are some PERSONAL FACTS about me:

My full name is Stanislava, but everyone calls me Stani...hmm... it’s just simpler I guess :), so call me Stani if you wish to.  I am Bulgarian born and raised. If it is the first time you speak with me over the phone don’t wonder where this accent is from.  

Having spent a significant part of my youth in the Big Apple, where I got my BFA in photography from The School of Visual Arts , I consider myself partly New Yorker.  But as a result of a strange serendipity for which I credit my adventurous spirit and my husband, since I now call myself a Californian girl.  Falling in love with all the diverse   and unique nature that California can offer inspired my creativity even more through the years.

In 2012 when I moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco I officially started my event and portrait business Stani Photography. With a background in documentary editorial and fine art photography I seamlessly adapted  that style into my wedding and portrait photography. 

I love traveling and exploring the world around me.  Learning about different cuisines and people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures opens my eyes to even more possibilities in creating timeless work.   

If you don’t find me behind the camera with my clients’ in front of it, I am somewhere outdoor with my kids, documenting our travel trips or daily activities. Hopefully one day that work will be published in a book. 

To visit my persona website go to Stanislava Georgieva.com

20200625_SG_006420200625_SG_0064 carmel by the sea photographercarmel by the sea photographer


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                                                                                                                                          Photography by Dimitri Stefanov



Born on July 22nd


Curly hair and dimples

Mom of two  incredibly wild boys Nikola J.D. and Damian George

Homeschooled my two boys in 2020/2021 and that was the best thing I have ever done in my life

Free spirited girl who’s been obsessed with capturing life and people’s relations - even before I had a family of my own.

Occasionally crying during movies, wedding ceremonies or holding a newborn baby in my arms

Lived in New York City for 10 years

Best travel experience was traveling to Ecuador, Colombia and Panama City to visit friends

Did a road trip from NY to CA when moving and it was absolutely amazing

been to 27 States in the US, the other half is on my travel list  

met with my partner at a wedding in Florida





museum and gallery visits

laughing with friends

cooking for friends

connecting people


listening to the rain drops

watching the sunset


exotic cocktails



romantic movies


mountain biking



exploring any new places no matter where



Love , Love and Love

Family and Friends are everything

that every beautiful story needs to be told and if can’t be described in words images can do that






















all images of me are self-portraits