Welcome, to my business page!

Are you wondering who am I before committing to hire me to be your personal photographer?

My full name is Stanislava, but everyone calls me Stani...hmm... it’s just simpler I guess :), so call me Stani! I am the creative vision behind Stani Photography. Besides that, I am a mother of two incredible little boys Nikola and Damian who can make me smile and cry at the same time. I am a wife to a wonderful husband, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a friend. Having spent a significant part of my youth in the Big Apple where I got my BFA in photography, I consider myself a New Yorker.  But as a result of a strange serendipity for which I credit my adventurous spirit and my husband, I now call myself a Californian girl.


We live in suburban Northern California in the city of Concord, located in the East Bay of San Francisco.  A city in the foothills of the beautiful Mount Diablo where the sun shines and the sky is blue. And of course I am this free spirited girl who’s been obsessed with capturing life and people’s relations - even before I had a family of my own. 


Why photographing weddings and families?


As a child born and raised in Bulgaria I loved flipping through the pages of our family albums. My parents’ wedding album was mostly full of formal portraits. My own album was filled with images done by the school’s photographer.  We never owned a camera and we never had a wall art of our family. None of the photos in our family albums showed much candid emotions and details, needed to tell the story about the actual event.


We all crave visual stories. Stories that are full of color, feelings and dynamics.  I am fascinated with capturing people’s most personal moments - from getting engaged to becoming a parent.  What makes me happy and complete is dancing with the camera lead by my creative vision; The lively conversation with my models when ideas morph into action and a story of life becomes a timeless story in pictures.