I am sure you have many questions to ask me as a newly engaged couple and you don’t even know where to start from. I am mostly asked questions such as what are my prices, my travel policies, my style, delivery time, album and design, image rights, contract and other photography planning and administrative details,  but here is an answer to most of them . If you don’t find an answer to your question you can always email me. 



What does Stani Photography offer for the price we pay?

The price quoted to you includes the work time  from your first phone call to delivering your album . Customer experience and image quality are first. I don’t just come at your wedding and click the button.I provide unforgettable personal photography experience. I listen to your needs and do my best to fulfill your requests. I will meet with each client at least once before the wedding day in person or over a Facetime or Skype video call. I use business management software to keep all your paperwork like contracts and invoices  in one place organized where you are able to see it at any time. I have a liability insurance. I use professional softwares to capture, process, edit, retouch, design, print and deliver delightful  and everlasting images to you.
 I use the latest professional Canon equipment to capture high resolution images in RAW and Jpeg Files. All images will go through post production that sometimes takes more than a day or two in order to deliver beautiful and quality images that you can be proud of and cherish forever. I offer and custom design archival handcrafted albums. I offer free Online gallery for you and your guests to see all the edited images and order prints from your wedding day.

What are your prices?

I am aware that every wedding has a budget and I understand why you want to find out the pricing info first. My wedding collections start from $2800 for 8 hrs local wedding. For different  reasons I can’t list my exact prices on my website.  First, prices and collections vary by location, number of guests and day of the week. For some weddings outside of the Bay Area require travel and the prices will be different from a local event. Destination weddings also require travel and accommodations. No wedding is the same as the other that’s why I can customize you a package based on your needs and budget.

What do you consider local wedding and destination wedding?

Local wedding is considered any event that is 100 miles round trip from zip 94521 or approximately 1 hr drive from my home studio.  Destination wedding is considered any wedding that requires air fare,  accommodations for at least 3 nights and is at least 2 hrs drive one way  from zip 94521.

What is the price per mile after 100 miles round trip from your studio?

As time is a very precious thing nowadays and the Bay Area is a quite a congested traffic area, $1 per mile is the rate for a travel fee after 100 miles.  

Where do you live and how far can you travel?

I reside in Concord, CA, but I can work and travel to almost any place in the world. With dual citizenship (USA and EU Bulgarian Passport) I may not even need a visa for some places either, which makes it even simpler.  I love traveling. I have photographed weddings and events in Ecuador, Colombia, Bulgaria, New York, New Jersey, Florida and of course California. I am easily adapted to new places and cultures. Travel is invoiced very simply -  if airfare, hotel and car rental are needed,  a direct reimbursement for the charges will be your only responsibility.

mount diablo engagement portraitmount diablo engagement portrait

Do you work with a second photographer?

Only if the client requests. For my 10 years wedding photography career I have been shooting weddings as a solo photographer.  Most of my weddings  I am able to cover the wedding day  fully by myself.  However, if you have a big wedding with lots of guests and you also want to capture it from every single angle, it might be beneficial to have a second shooter. Sometimes, it is difficult or impossible to capture bride and groom getting ready at the same time at two different locations, or the guests face expressions during the first kiss, formal portraits and cocktail hour when occurring  at the same time, then you may need a second shooter. I have very good talented friends wedding photographers and I would be more than happy to have one of them work with me during your wedding day.  For those reasons above, I have collections that include second photographer or you can always add it later.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes, absolutely. I include a photo assistant in any collections that are more than 4 hrs coverage. My assistant is not a second shooter. My assistant is responsible for helping me with lighting if needed, carrying my bags and assisting me with my equipment  for more efficient work. My assistant helps me with assisting me with the timeline, formal portraits,  first look and may take some details and decoration shots for me.

Do you provide or refer a video service?

No and No. I am a photography studio and that’s what I do best. Videography is a very different game.   Currently, I can’t  refer you to a videography studio.

Do you edit all of our photographs?

Yes, I do. Every single image is hand -edited by me one at a time. I don’t do batching in bulk groups. All images are color corrected, enhanced and ready to be printed. If you have retouching requests, that’s different work that is add it separately.

Do I get all the digital files from our wedding?

Yes and No. All my standard collections include all edited high res jpeg files on USB. But if you are requesting a customized collection based on your budget you may only get certain number of files  (100-300), and sometimes for some clients this could be just enough.

How many files do we get at the end?

The number of digital images you get at the end depends on many things: how many hours is your wedding day, number of guests, dancing hours, happenings at your wedding. For instance, some events like Indian weddings are much more elaborative than a standard American wedding.  And if you have a second shooter you may get more images as well. Average for 8 hrs wedding is 700 images less or more.

modern bridemodern brideWhen Ashley and I were trying to decide where to capture their engagement portraits with Stephan we had many options from a summer ranch house Ashley’s family is owning in the Bay Area to anywhere we can get for a one day trip. Doing an adventurous engagement session that involves a one day travel at least it had been on my travel work list for a while. Finally, it was achieved- a day trip to the Big Sur .
And because Ashley , Stephan and I saw each other in person for first time, (we have only seen each other once on facetime) first we met at theBig Sur Bakery and Restaurant . It’s right on highway 1 on the right side if you drive south. Great food and atmosphere complemented with an outdoor sitting area! May be because it was Sunday at the end of October, but it was pretty quite around 2pm.
The fun part of the whole trip and photo shoot was that none of us had ever been to exactly this area and location , so we had no idea where we were going to shoot . We had only drove by a time ago, bt never stop to explore it.
Of course we did some research in advance and we had few places in mind. First, we stopped by the Redwood Deck. Beautiful place... if you want to get photos where the water is accessible to walk in that’s the place ,as I have always wanted to . So to me this whole photo shoot it was a dream come true . The bonus part was that the river was surrounded by redwoods where brought the real story of teh redwoods in Big Sur.
After that we drove on a narrow almost one way road to discover the gorgeous windy hidden Pfeiffer Beach.
But for sure we couldn't go home without wrapping up at the Bixby Creek Bridge at twilight.

Do we own the copyrights of the images?

No, you don’t. Clients often ask me about copyright rights. What most of photographers give away is the ‘print release rights’ for personal use only, which means that the client can make prints from the digital files they received in any lab you can choose to.  That’s not the same as owning the copyrights. By federal law the photographer as the image creator owns the copyrights. If you are really interested to own the copyrights from your wedding photography we can talk about it, but that probably will cost you at least five times more than you pay for your photography service.

Do you offer an engagement session?

Yes, I do! Engagement session is included complementary in any of my standard collections , but also can be booked separately if you just wish to have an engagement session with me for any reason of yours.

Do you offer proposal session?  

Yes, I do! And if you book a wedding photography with me after that , I can swap  it for the engagement session.

When do we get to see our photos?

I try to post couple of images on social media right after the wedding day. This follows by a blog post and by  30 days I post all your edited images on your online gallery.  

When do we get the photos?

You get all your images when your wedding album images are confirmed and when you confirm that you don’t need anything else to be retouched. Then, I will design and order for printing your personal USB case, where I will put all your edited images and deliver to you.


When do we  get our wedding album and other products?

You can get your wedding album in two months or you can get it in an year. That all depends how fast you will help me select the images that will go to the album and approve the design. Once, the design is approved then I can send the album files for printing. It takes 2-4 weeks for printing and delivery. Once , I have the album I will schedule a time to meet up with you and personally deliver it to you.  For prints and cards it is pretty much the same process. Once you approve any design that needs to be done and which image you want to be printed , it is send to the professional  printing lab. Once I get it then you can get it.

Can we order additional cards and other products after the wedding?

Yes, absolutely!

Do we get watermarked images?

Yes and No. You will get two folders inside your USB. One folder is for a personal printing that doesn’t have watermark on the images and the other folder  has images with watermark. The images with watermark are made to be used on social media  or anywhere online where you must give the photographer credit. If you decide to use an image without watermark , you still must give written photographer credit.

Do we get the RAW files?

Do you eat completely raw meat? No of course. First of all raw files are really raw, they are not ‘cooked’, they are not color corrected, they are very big files that need to be open with a  special software, they need to be converted/compressed in jpeg in order to be e-mailed, printed  or published online. It is really not so much you can do with it.

Do we get the unedited-rejected files?

My goal is to deliver to you quality over quantity. Any images that are rejected are not archived. The images that are in the final selection reflect my style and high quality of work.   

Can we see the rejected images?

The rejected files are blurry images, eyes-closed, people looking unnatural, flash didn’t fire, someone walked in front of the camera, over or underexposed that can’t be fixed and duplicates.  Those images are not archived and therefor you can’t see them. The images delivered to you are roughly edited and I am including any possible image that quality wise looks good.  


What is an online gallery?

Online gallery is a private password protected, shopping secured link inside my website where all your wedding images will be uploaded and archived after 3 months from the post date. You can share your gallery with friends and family where they can order directly and purchase prints from it. You can also select images for your Thank you card, your album  or any other project in different folders and share the with me. You can also make comments under each image if you want something to be retouched, changed or cropped.

When is the best time to book you as my wedding photographer?

Right now! I recommend that you should contact me as soon as you have an idea about your wedding day and planning. May- October is usually the busiest wedding season of the year, while winter is less busy, but that doesn’t mean that someone will not get married at the same day as your during off season time. It’s always better to book me as early as possible.  This way will have time to get to know each other, photograph your engagement session, use those images for invitation, wedding website and a guest signing book.  While I do make every attempt to fit in last minute requests, it can be sometimes difficult to make room in my schedule to accommodate. Also, it might be  pricier.  



How many weddings do you shoot per year/month or week?

As a parent and a boutique studio where quality is more important over quantity I take limited numbers of weddings per year. My goal is to provide my clients with best customer service and personal attention. I believe that your wedding day is one of the most important days and commitments in your life and deserves a special attention. I don’t book two weddings in the same weekend you must know.  

How long have you been shooting weddings?

The  first wedding I shot it was in 2009 in NY/NJ and since then I have no year without a wedding.

How long have you done photography?

Since I took my first black and white darkroom photography class in 2004 in the community college. From that day I knew that this is going to be my life, my career and  my never ending education.

Do you work on personal projects besides your commercial work?

Yes, always. That’s what keeps me evolving as an artist and a person.

What do you like about weddings?

The Fashion, The Culture, The Traditions, The Moment, the Love, the Friendship, The Human Relations, The Reunion, The Celebration of Love and Happiness with music, dance and laughter,  The New Beginning, The Eternal Union, I can go on and on about that questions ... Witnessing the official commitment to a relationship for a lifetime and all of the above  that is happening it gives me the purpose and the adrenaline to write that story of  love and eternity inside a frame ... Photography is my mission and my purpose in life. As a photographer I feel obligated sending the message of love through my photographs to my audience.


If something happens to you and you can’t attend my wedding, do you have a substitute?

God forbids I get sick or something else happens to me that I can’t cover your wedding personally. I take my work very seriously and never missed a wedding by now. And if something happens to me and can’t come to your wedding, I have very talented friends in the photography community who would be more than happy to help in such moment and photograph your wedding.

Can I provide you with an example images ?

Yes and No. Before you book me , make sure is that what you see on my portfolio this is the style you like. You can also ask me to send you a whole gallery of wedding images. Please, don’t ask me to copy images from pinterest or wedding blogs or bridal magazines.  Let me open my creativity to you in order to create original and unique images that will honestly tell the story of your dream wedding day.  The key to an original image is 50 % the subject and 50 % the photographer , that’s why getting to know each other before the wedding day is a crucial thing for both of us. This way I will know who you are what you like and based on that I will create your unique wedding story.

Do you take posed images?

For all the formal photos I do take posed images with eyes looking at the camera. It’s a tradition. These are images that you will cherish forever and show your kids one day who is who on the photo.  A month before the wedding day I will send you a pre wedding questionnaires where you can fill out all the photos you want to be taken. Along with that I will send you a formal list shots that you need to write down which groups of people you want in one shot. Allow two minutes for each group shot approximately. Remember,  more formal group shots we get, less time for your personal portraits and candid documentary images I can take.

What's your style in the wedding photography ?

My style in terms of aesthetic is clean and minimal, mostly natural light outdoor, except flash in closed indoor spaces. Some people describe it as an editorial documentary (telling a real  story at a real time) , others as a fine art (where photographic concept merges with the real moment), but for sure I take a lot of candid shots in order to capture the decisive moment as described by the famous photographer photojournalist  Henri Cartier-Bresson. I want you to enjoy your wedding day so I will not ask you to pose for every single thing like cutting the cake for instance. I ideally prefer to have a half an hour at least  alone with you on the side during the day and be able to create those fine art - conceptual images of you without guests distraction. My goal is to create an authentic visual story from your wedding day that will last forever in your memories.


I looked at your website and I love your work can we talk in person?

Yes, absolutely! I don’t book a wedding before I meet with you in person and if you live far from me we can schedule Skype , Facetime or any other video call.  Liking my work and liking me are two very different things. It is very important to not only like the work on my website, but it’s important to like my personality as well. Photographer is the only vendor that you will have a relationship after your wedding day and probably for more than a year from your first meeting. You have to make sure you will feel comfortable around me and being able to communicate clearly any of your requests.

How can we book you?

Once we have met, discussed your wedding  and you decided that I will be your wedding photographer, I will send you an email.  You will get an email with a quote, once you accept the quote , you will need to sign a contract and make a retainer of fifty percent of the total quoted price.  This confirms the booking for your wedding photography with me and to hold your date. Without signed contract and a retainer I can’t hold a date.

Do we get our money back if we cancel the wedding?  

The retainer fee is non-refundable.  Paying the retainer guarantees that I will hold the date for your wedding and to turn down other commissions for that day. It’s first come first serve base.

Do you have an insurance?

Yes, I do. I am insured with The Hartford. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance ,  I will be glad to send it to them. Please, let me know at least month or two before the event so I can request it from my insurance agent. The best way is to put me in touch with your wedding venue and they can communicate what exactly they need as it is different for every place.

If we are running late will you stay later than the scheduled time?

Of course I can stay. I have overtime rate if it’s over than 8 hours and if you agree to that I can continue working along with everyone who works for me that day. Overtime includes the fee not only for me , but for anyone who stays to work with me - assistant and second shooter.  

Can the guests take photos at my wedding with their cameras?

Of course as long as they don't stay in front of my way especially during formal portraits. Once, I am done with all formal portraits where I prefer all the eyes looking at my camera then they can go ahead and take your family photos. I don’t allow family and friends during the bride and groom photos , it can be very distractive and for privacy reasons. I expect respect of my presence as an official photographer at your wedding.