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Location of the photos at Lafayette Reservoir, CA


When I found out I was pregnant with my second child I was obsessed with a lot of confusion and questions.  Although the child was planned, suddenly I felt it was too soon after my first pregnancy. After all,  I am still dealing with changing diapers and a super energetic toddler’s behavior. Reading Dr. Karp’s book The Happiest Toddler on the Blog, The Whole Brain-Child by Daniel J. Siegel M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson and other parenting books are  helping only partially.
I took Lili’s maternity photos with her family probably around the time I was conceiving. 

Now, looking at those photos of her pregnant with her daughter, her son and husband on the photos make me realize that what I have is real and is one of the most beautiful things in the world: to have kids ,siblings -  a complete family. I pray to God that everything will be good and I will have another healthy and energetic child like Nikola. A child that will remind me once again what is to love, to hold, to feel proud and chosen to be a parent - a mother. 

When we first spoke with Lili about her maternity photos , I felt her excitement from the bottom of her heart and belly. She had all kind of ideas how she wants to be photographed by herself and how she wants to insert her family in the photos. I think every woman who is pregnant should have the father of the baby in the photos and if you have other kids you must include them too. If you are first time parents , this is a great way to experience the expectancy of the new member of the family, having a time for yourself too before everything turns 360 degree ( again) in your life. Being in those photos it helps you realize that this must be real and is going to happen very soon. And  probably , it is a one time opportunity to have belly photos. Imagine one day when your son or daughter sees those photos , they are proof that he/she was inside there, proof for your love of each other ( the father of the baby) and proof of love for the baby. 

I could say my maternity photos from my first pregnancy are not so great and not because of the photographers, not at all. They did a great job but it is just me. I felt tired, my hormones were all over the place,  I wasn’t prepare at all, I had no energy to go through the preparation process, my brain wasn’t creating any ideas, even my partner wasn’t so much into it and that’s normal for most of the men.  But you know what, he said to me one day recently: “ I am so happy we took those photos of us while you were pregnant with Nikola. I know I was refusing to do it , but I would have regretted now if we or you didn't do it.” And we have this magnet with printed photo of both of us from my maternity photo session  hanging on the fridge where Nikola keeps seeing it everyday and makes him so happy. He points and says: ‘mama’ ‘daddy’ and now I am trying to  explain to him that he was inside my belly , so he is also in that photo and now there is another baby in my belly again.  Trust me , it is very hard to explain your 18 months old that mommy is expecting another baby who will be his sibling and they can play together, share, talk to each other,  be best friends ( I understand that there is no total balance between siblings no matter the age). 

Let’s get back to Lili. Yes, she was very prepared- she did her hair and make-up, she bought clothes especially for the photo session, clothes that she was seeing herself as a pregnant woman that made her sexy, beautiful and wanted.  Isn’t that most of us want to be while pregnant? To be honest, after I had my son I wasn’t feeling so pretty  and sexy like I felt during pregnancy , now again I started feeling pretty again. And why? All the sleepless nights and not having spare of time for yourself make you so exhausted and not even having time to look yourself at the mirror. The only thing you are excited about and care about is your child.
So, why not buy some new maternity clothes again with your second pregnancy, and feel brand new again?

Lili knew how she wanted to style her family as well. I totally liked her choice of styling and made my job so much creative and fun that day.

Did I mention that your session has to be special? It’s about you at the end of the day.




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