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A letter from a mother 

How to make your pregnancy unforgettable experience? By capturing the expectations :). Many women, including lots of my friends don't feel like being photographed during their pregnancy or having the energy to do it no matter how much they want to. That was my case last year. But here I am a mother now full of energy, new ideas and  ready to photograph the entire world again. My advise...capture, record, enjoy and live you pregnancy. These are only nine months of your life that are so temporary and so in between - between your life before got pregnant and your life after becoming a momma. Hire a photographer, hire a professional hair and make up artist, try to get our partner in the photos,  print those beautiful maternity photos, hang your favorite one on the wall,  ..laugh, live and love. You will never regret it. Oh, I know how tired you are and you have no inspiration to do whatsoever or your hormones make you burst in energy in one minute and the next one you cry for no reason. Oh, yes I experienced all that too. And right now, this is probably the subject hat I mostly can talk about it than any other one.  But hey, this is really the most beautiful pain you will experience and the most rewarding thing that you will experience in life. To be a mother. To create. To love and to be loved. When my son was born I said to myself, now I understand what is to create and what is to love. It's the reason to live for. No more about me, let's look at the amazing photos I took the other day of this amazing mother to be Lucy -Zayne. All mothers are heroes and don't ask me why. 

I met Lucy exactly an year ago when I shot a wedding in Clayton. She was doing the bride’s makeup and hair and I was the pregnant photographer at that time. When I found out that she was pregnant too I got very excited.  

And here is how the photo shoot was conceptualized..
When I was pregnant last year I loved reading books to my ‘belly’ . Well. that’s what they say to your baby while it’s in your womb. So, I had this idea about going to a local bookstore and buying some baby books for Lucy. When we met in Hayward we waked to a small local bookstore 'The Book Shop'. One of those old hidden, independent bookstores with rare, used and new books in the neighbourhood that nobody knows about it, but it has been there for ages and ages, and who is interested they will find it. The front window display was decorated with children’s books still from mother’s day week. We picked few books for the baby and we headed towards to the main location for our photo shoot.

,Mama kisses
baby's hair.
Mama Llama
goes downstairs,

On the google map I found this very desert like place in the East Bay on the bay shore of Fremont. It’s called Coyote Hills regional Park.  How not to love living and working in the Bay Area. I keep finding these amazing locations where the physical meets the spiritual.
What would be a better and more quiet place to read and connect with your baby than a place empty of people and cars.

Lucy is a half Jordan and half American. I found that the dress she was wearing was totally matching her personality and style. Yes, and of course her beautiful blue eyes. The hair and makeup were done by herself as she does it for living. And if you are looking for a stylist I definitely recommend her.

A Book to be Read in Utero  by Dr. Seuss 

The initials of Lucy's baby boy 

You can't beat California blu sky and the bright sunset light.  The photo session was done between 5:30-7:30pm. It’s the best lighting of the day or at least for my style of shooting. 

Some ideas for those who want to do their maternity or newborn portraits: 
Have your maternity photo session or newborn photo session as gift in your baby shower registry. Pleas, contact me for details. 

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