White Dove Release at Wedding Ceremony [Wedgewood Wedding Venue, CA- East Bay weddings]

September 27, 2013  •  2 Comments

James and Amanda little dreamed wedding
location : Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center Delta View, Pittsburg, CA 
Second Shooter : Rikki Ward

!!! (the blog was written the night before my baby Nikola was born on September 16th, 2013 and supposed to be published on the next morning. Due to the birth of Nikola ten days earlier to the due date  I am able to finally publish the post after my birth recovery) !!!

Amanda and James’s a small sweet wedding was my last wedding before I have my baby this month. We all have been expecting this moment, since they booked me in February in the week of St. Valentine's Day! And it has been a gambling for both of us considering my pregnancy at that time. But I was so excited that that day finally came.There were some moments at the wedding that I was forgetting I was pregnant and I was running around full with energy capturing the unrepeatable moments of the beautiful Sunday afternoon. 



Wondering what Amanda and James did with their  engagement photos? They made sepia prints for their Mr. and Mrs. picture frame, two metal prints all ordered from their online gallery. And of course they got a guest book, designed and printed by me. The book has 20 pages with half leather blue cover. 


And here comes the bride!

You can’t believe how much love and happiness there was in the air that day. When Amanda was walking at the aisle, James burst in tears from happiness. Who would expect that? I don’t know if it was my pregnancy hormones or the relationship we developed since they booked me in February (the engagement photo session helped a lot to get to know each other), but I also had some tears washing my eyes at that moment and thanks to my job I was hiding my eyes behind my camera's viewfinder. It was such an emotional day. I realized I was capturing such a long expecting moment for this couple in the beginning of my ninth month. I think I feel the same way right now with our baby , the only difference is that we don’t know when exactly he will decide to show up. But that’s the full experience of life  either you are getting married or you are expecting a child ..both moments are surrounded by the promise for brighter and happier future that make you more united as a couple and a family.

The most meaningful moment of the wedding to me as someone who believes that everything has to have a concept was the releasing of the two white doves. Doves symbolized Amanda and James cherish for each other, happiness and beginning of their pure love together. How beautiful this is!!! One more thing: doves select only one mate for life, which is the perfect symbolism of marriage. After the two doves were released they followed each other up in the blue sky. 

Happily Ever After 

My second shooter Rikki Ward, was so much helpful that day. She pulled the bride and the groom from the reception and took them outside to take a sunset photo. I was not able to do that so quickly in my condition. They literally ran to the right spot where the sunset was on the background and she quickly captured the moment. 

'Say cheese everyone': shouted the DJ

What is a wedding without lots of dancing and emotional speeches?
The wedding party was so much fun with great dance music that got everyone up at the dance floor. I even felt dancing with my big belly:) The guests separated by two - men and women to do the soul train style dancing, which was so much entertaining and fun for everyone at the wedding. The groom and the bride’s parents gave very emotional and beautiful speeches that made lots of the guests put tears on their eyes. I almost started crying again.

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Very cute pictues , it was a lovely wedding
Stani Photography
Лалко благодаря- Thanks Lalko :) translating from Bulgarian: Both the couple and the photos are amazing
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