Eternal Love in Santa Cruz, CA - [Engagement Photography]

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The Eternal Love of Debbie and Steve 

This is not the usual Engagement photo session cause Debbie and Steve have been married already for more than 8 years. That's why I called this package Eternal Love - photo session that everyone who is in love can do it anytime anywhere, don't need to be engaged , don't need to be young or old, you need to feel for each other,  love each other and be open for's so simple:) ! 

What are some of the most important things that will make your engagamnet photo session memorable to you ? It is different to everyone. For some couples could be a location , for the other the styling- outfits, hair and make up, for third just the emotional happy part in enough to be captured ...

But some of the first questions I have been asked are:

What's the location for our engagement/eternal love photo session?
You chose 2-3 location that will fit 2-3  hours of photo shoot.

What should we wear?
You wear what represents your personality and style or you wear a style that will tell your story or a story you feel that you relate to. 

Steve and Debbie chose the locations that they wanted to be photographed and that they related to them- Red Wood Forest near UCSC, on the edge of the ocean an dat the beach in Santa Cruz, CA. They also picked some special outfits for them like some traditional folklore clothing they posses as well as some casual cloths. The session was done in late October Below, Steve contributed couple of paragraphs to my blog explaining the locations Debbie and he chose as well as their outfits...

Santa Cruz in late October...

In the Red Woods near The University of California Santa Cruz 

That’s what photos remind us of. That’s what infuses a photo with power; it is the ability to see into the world around us in a way that captures the essence of the moment, only in that moment.

There is a stillness and an energy that runs through each moment in a forest. There is a power that really cannot be seen but is always felt. There is power in the forest that fills us with strength, a kind of strength to be who we are. That’s the reason why adding our own colors and tones to a forest scene makes the photo special.

We walk through the forest differently, because we can’t see as far, and things that are barely visible take on more imaginative forms.

written by Steve Wong 

The beach is where we feel set free. Free to be younger, to be without care, to talk and feel love, to be who we are without judgment, to feel the power of nature and to be a part of its awe.

There’s a whole new world out there, every day. And every day brings the chance for new eyes to see familiar things freshly. Every walk on the beach brings new sounds, and every wave on the ocean is new, and only for that moment. Recognizing that is true joy.

On the beach, we run to feel our freedom and youth, we feel part of the greatness of the ocean and the piece of nature that we are.

We feel at home on the beach, carefree. We feel our love at the beach, as if the ocean brings us a calmness and wildness at the same time; the calm of peaceful sounds and gentle swaying, and at the same time its power and gift of awe.

We always feel our love at the beach. It’s a place where we are set free from our worries and concerns, where we can focus on each other without even trying. The awesome strength of the ocean releases the every day worries of our existence.

On the beach, we run because it makes us feel young, that we are in love and that is all that matters. That we laugh because we are delighted, that we jump because we can, that we feel expansive because we are. The ocean reminds us of the power and glory of life, that we are part of this beauty.

written by Steve Wong

Nothing can beat the Californian sun and light. And as I always suggest some of the best photos are before sunset or at sunset unless you want to wake up early in the morning and do your photo session between 8-10am :), it's a beautiful crisp light in early mornings. 

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