Holiday Portraits of two little happy siblings - Ema & Krisi [East Bay Family Photography]

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What's the best Holiday gift you can give to the one you love? Authentic beautiful photographs from the most precious moments of your family life could be the most wonderful gift you can make for yourself and for your close family and friends. 

This is my first season in California. Since, I was born I always lived in a place where it snows by that time of the year . It was either Sofia or New York . I even remember one of the biggest snow storms in Now York during 2010. I was leaving to South America on December 29th and none of the streets  where I lived were cleaned up.  You couldn't take any taxi, but the subway to the airport. It was crazy. Anyway, to me winter means snow, but not in California.  As a Californian resident this winter I will enjoy the beautiful Californian sun and the green grass for first time during the fall and winter seasons. And shooting my client's Holiday ( winter) portraits is something very new and unusual to me. They are surrounded by beautiful colors and green grass, palm trees and blue sky. Everything looks very happy and colorful :) that's why I decided to photograph these two cutie pies as they are - with their pinkish girly happy outfits. As we say it 'Happy Holidays' , I didn't find a better way to express that feeling of sunny day with green grass in November. I just love it! What else I can say:) For first time I shoot during the month of November and my fingers don't freeze on the camera. 

Krisi, 6 years old and Ema , 2 and half years old live very close to my home studio. It was very convenient to accommodate their parents request to  do their Holiday portraits . You know that the holiday season last not longer than 2 months and doing the Christmas gifts/photography has to be very quick process from my side as a photographer to be able to process them quickly and for the parents to make their appointments with me in advance. As currently, the wedding season is slower I try to accommodate my little cute clients calling in the last minute to ask me to do their fashion shots . Can I say no to them , of course not! 

So here is the plan : 1) You call me and we set up up to 4 hours for a photo session in a day  and time convenient for you. It usually the photo session lasts 2 hours, but depends on many things. Especially when you work with toddlers may take longer. They are very curious about everything and want to taste and touch everything. But as a parents you all know that already. My suggestion is let me do my job and let your kid feel free, but also let's pay attention on his/her safety too.  And at the same time for these couple of hours let not be overprotected. Let's try to enjoy this such special moment for your family, moment that makes you really feel special, moment of happiness. Some of the families photographed said to me "That day we felt like superstars'.  But to feel relax for the photo shoot try to think it this way: think about any other day that you spend time with your kid like going to a museum, to the park or any other place where your kid can play, have fun and learn new things. I will be there to capture all those candid unpredictable honest fun moments of your kid's life. 

2) After we finish our session I will contact you in 2-3 days with all edited images uploaded to your on-line gallery where you can see them, order prints, pre-made Holiday cards, other gifts like calendars, mini accordion books ( I love those ones) , coffee mugs, post stamps and many unique Christmas gifts. You can also purchase a digital copy.  It takes usually a week to get your order shipped to you. That's why I suggest no to book me after December 16 ( Sunday) if you want your gifts to arrive before Christmas' Eve. 

3) People always ask me how much do I charge for the beautiful holiday portraits? This is the deal: I can create an individual package for everyone depends what exactly you need, but I have basic prices for family holiday photography as well. For 1 hour photo session not including any images on DVD - $150. That includes your choice of Holiday set up and outfits and poses. Then you can order anything from your on-line gallery. For to 2-4 hours photo session, which includes DVD with all the edited images high res - $400. That also includes few different set ups and locations - changing outfit, individual portraits of each family member and candid documentary shots. Taxes and shipping are included. 

You have   questions, please ask me . I am here to help you make your best decisions for the best gifts. Below, you can see examples from some of the Holiday cards Stani Photography offers. 

 Nothing says holidays like an elegant Luxe Card

With a number of unique shapes and sizes, our luscious Luxe Card offers something for everyone. Product details include:

  • Eleven different shape options, including our popular 5×5 and 5×7 Folded Luxe Cards.
  • Choose from several high-quality papers including the new Classic Felt, 100% Recycled, Cover Stock, Pearl and Linen or upgrade to Premium Bamboo and Premium Cotton.
  • Prices start at $55.08 for a set of 25 (3×3 Flat Luxe Card on standard paper).
  • Or take your Luxe Card creations a step further by pairing them with our snazzy new Address Labels! These stylish and smart time-savers are a must-have this season. 

We did few different set ups- portraits with holding a banner saying 'Happy Holidays' ,  single portraits with holiday background, Krisi and Ema dressed in winter clothes and both playing in the backyard. All the photo sessions are done on location - outdoor if doesn't rain or in your house. 

Book Stani Photography after you have read this post and get one complimentary mini accordion book. My favorites :) 

Can't wait to capture your Holiday portraits! If I don't hear from you this year

I wish you wonderful time during the Holiday Season!!!  

I always get excited when Christmas is coming and about all those wonderful gifts that I will be able to give:) 

Wondering what kind of gift to give this Christmas to the one you love? 

It's time for your family portraits!!! Isn't it? Make the most wonderful and the most personal gift for the Holidays with beautiful photograph of your family or just your kids. It's something you will always keep and cherish. To me photographs are priceless gifts and priceless memories. You can convert your photo into beautiful well designed holiday card or make a calendar for the new 2013 year or place a photo on a mousepad, T-shirt or coffee mug :) creative and be original.  My clients are from San Ramon, but they didn't mind coming to my home studio in Concord knowing that is right next to Clayton, which is surrounded by beautiful locations for family and children photography. It's not a secret that one of the reasons l like living here is that is so peaceful and close to nature, although is a little far from the main highway, buy hey it's only 45 min drive to San Francisco. I love to bike and hike and  I can do anytime I want to go to  Mount Diablo. It's a place that inspires me and gives more freedom for creative work, something I was really missing in my beloved New York. 


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